Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Room 10 Meets Laura and Kai

Yesterday, Room 10 went to see Laura and her dog Kai in the school hall.

Laura had come to speak to us about being safe around dogs and why it is important to treat dogs kindly. 
Laura explaining how we keep safe around dogs

We learned how to act around dogs we don't know well

We learned that dogs need food, water, exercise, toys to play with and sleep. Laura taught us that if we see a dog we want to pat, we need to ask the owner first. If the owner says yes, we should pat the dog on the back or on their sides. If the owner says no, we say thank you and walk away quietly.

If a dog runs at you, you should stand like a tree so the dog doesn't jump on you. Everyone in Room 10 had a go at being a tree, while Kai walked around us. We then lined up to meet Kai and give him a pat on the back or on his sides.

Kai also showed us the tricks he can do! He can jump, bow, shake paws, bark when asked, sit, lie down, chase his tail and wait to eat his food - which was very hard for him! Room 10 thinks that Kai should learn to do press ups, do a backflip and learn how to DJ next.

We all got the chance to meet Kai and give him a pat

Ashton's favourite part was when Kai walked around him. Olivia J liked patting Kai. Cooper enjoyed saying hi to Kai. Conner loved when Kai gave him a big sloppy kiss at the end of our lesson.

Room 10 had lots of fun meeting Laura and Kai, and we learned lots about how important it is to stay safe around dogs.


  1. Important learning that if you see a dog you want to pat, that you need to ask the owner first. And if the owner says yes, we should pat the dog on the back or on their sides.

  2. Thank you to all who comment on our blogs :) From Room 10 children x

  3. we love our dog West so I hope Ashton loved Kai too.

  4. Super Learning for Life skills to keep safe around dogs today! I hope you remember these safety rules for your future safety.