Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Our Buddhist Temple Visit

This week, Room 10 had the privilege of visiting the Buddhist Temple in Flat Bush. We traveled by bus and were in a group with an adult and our friends.

When we got there, we took part in several different activities that all helped us to learn and understand the 3 G's. These are:

1. Do Good Deeds
2. Say Good Words
3. Think Good Thoughts

We know these well now parents, so feel free to ask us what they mean! They are a good thing for us to remember at school and in our own lives. We also made a paper lotus flower, practised washing the Buddha, learned about the Temple's bell, and took turns wishing on the Temple's wishing bell. We wonder if our wishes will come true?

We also enjoyed eating cookies for afternoon tea and getting really cool tattoos put on our hands. The police also visited us to talk to us about making good choices in our communities.

We were all very tired on the bus trip back to school, but were very happy to have had such a unique experience!
Learning about the history of Buddha

A visit from the local police officer

Things to remember!

Learning about the Temple wishing bell
Learning how to wash 

The Temple bell is 3,000 kg!


  1. I loved visiting the Buddhist Temple last year and was disappointed that I could not go again this year as I had a meeting. Learning about the 3 G's is really useful in everyday life.

  2. We had the best time! The 3 G's link in with our school values so we should all remember them. What amazing learning!
    From Mrs Burge

  3. Thank you parents for coming on our trip and looking at our new blog entry. From Room 10 :)

  4. I hope you had a good time at the buddhist temple room 10

  5. I love visiting the temple and looking at the buildings and the beautiful gardens. It is very peaceful there. I like ringing the wishing bell. Did you make a wish? I also believe the 3Gs and 4Gs help us be super Sunnyhills citizens! Do you agree?