Thursday, 24 May 2018

Chinese Calligraphy

For the past 2 weeks, Room 10 has had a teacher come in before lunch to teach us some basic Mandarin.

She has taught us to count to 10 in Mandarin, and we learned a little song to make it easier to practise our counting. We learned how to ask and answer how old we are, and spent some time practising this with a partner.

This week, we had a go at writing numbers in Mandarin using calligraphy brushes and thin paper. Some of us found this tricky, because we needed to use only a little bit of paint and sometimes forgot to do this! Others remembered to use only a little bit, so their work turned out neater and easier to read.

It was fun to have a go at an activity we haven't done before and we hope our parents liked seeing our finished work that we brought home!

From Room 10.


  1. Wow learning calligraphy - that sounds exciting! I'd love to see your numbers in Mandarin written with calligraphy brushes on thin paper. I bet it was tricky!

  2. well done on your calligraphy. Better then my calligraphy


  3. Wow that's so cool! Learning Mandarin and calligraphy, i hope you enjoyed that and had fun counting to 10 in Mandarin.

  4. wow your awesome at Chinese characters I can,t even write them
    that good and I,m year 6.

  5. this looks super tricky, well done room 10

  6. Great job Room 8! I wish I could have a go!