Friday, 4 May 2018

Bruno's Beautiful Adventures

 On Friday, we took our class teddy bear for a walk around different parts of the school. It was a sunny day so we enjoyed showing him around!

Cooper is ready to show Bruno how we walk in Room 10
Our class bear's name is Bruno Oscar Bear, and he has the special job of going home with a child from Room 10 every Friday to spend the weekend with them and their family. He likes to watch YouTube videos, eat honey and go to the park. Bruno also only likes going home on Friday with a child who has done great learning during the week and shown beautiful Sunnyhills manners and manaakitanga to their friends and teachers.

When Bruno spends the weekend with a different friend, he brings a diary with him. In the diary, he would love for his friend to write about or draw and take pictures of all the adventures they've had that weekend - even if it's just a supermarket visit!

Showing Bruno how we walk sensibly
We took Bruno to the boat playground and the junior playground to show him how to play nicely, and we showed him how quietly and sensibly we walk around Sunnyhills School. We reminded Bruno to care for his friends and use his manners.

It was a lot of information for Bruno to remember, but he seemed to enjoy his walk in the sunshine! He's looking forward to taking turns with different children and experiencing the weekend with their family from Friday before coming back to school on the following Monday.

Room 10 and Bruno Oscar Bear xx

Bruno enjoyed the flying fox

Enjoying the field with Bruno

Meet Bruno Oscar Bear


  1. The bear looks cool with the hat on and it´s great that he was learning how to have good school manners. It was great sliding down the slide on the playground and we cheered for him on the flying fox! (says Milo)

  2. Wow Room 10, you were great role models for Bruno Oscar Bear! He is going to fit in perfectly to Sunnyhills. Well done! Xxx Can’t wait to see what mischief he gets up to in the weekend!

  3. Well it looks like the whole class had an adventure. I love all the important information that you told Bruno such as showing him how to play nicely, how to quietly and sensibly we walk around Sunnyhills School. Great that you reminded Bruno to care for his friends and use his manners.

  4. Its very interesting if take bear go home.Hope william will do well!

  5. Wow! Bruno will have a fantastic time going home with the children in Room 10. I wonder what he got up to this weekend?
    From Mrs Burge

  6. Hi Bruno, can’t wait to meet you. From Emma’s family

  7. Hi Bruno, well look forward to having you home one day and to meet the rest of the family,
    Ashton Mum Beth

  8. wow bruno must have been busy and tierd after that big adventure. Indi w wants to have another adventure with bruno oscar bear. Love indi w's big sister [sienna]

  9. Well done Room 10 for introducing Bruno Oscar Bear to Sunnyhills. You have given him a great tour and I can't wait to hear about his adventures when he does his weekend home-stays with his Room 10 friends.