Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Our First Week Back

Term 2 Begins!
Our 'g' sound crowns

Room 10 as started Term 2 with a bang! We have a new teacher, new activities and are thinking about our learning goals. 

We want to be successful learners who aren't afraid to give things a go and love a challenge!

So far this week, we have been practising our skip counting in maths, writing about our dream holiday destinations and pets, and reading different books and thinking about the authors message.

We made these crowns, which show different words starting with the 'g' sound. We were very proud to wear them around the classroom!

We also drew a character from our books and wrote what we liked about the story, before sharing it with our talk partners. That was a really good way to think back about what we had just read.

Room 10 is excited to be sharing our P.E. time with Room 8 this term, every Wednesday at 1.30 pm. We are going to be practising our ball skills as well as gymnastics! Our library time has also changed to Monday afternoons, so we are getting used to new routines but meeting the challenge.

Our book character drawings
Miss Farmer is settling into being our teacher and she can't wait to experience a whole new range of learning activities with the wonderful members of Room 10 this year.

Our 'g' sound crowns


  1. After sharing with the class:

    "We love it" (Dylan, Room 10)

  2. Gosh I am exhausted just reading about all the hard work you have been doing. Love the idea of a dream holiday destination. I bet you came up with some interesting ideas!

  3. Everyone looks so cool with their hats on!

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  5. Gee, what wonderful G crowns!! :=)

  6. Milo says,
    ¨with these crowns, we can pretend we are kings and queens!¨

  7. What a fantastic start to Term 2 Room 10 and a fantastic start to teaching at Sunnyhills Miss Farmer! I have been impressed with the learning every time I popped into your room. Keep up the awesome work.
    From Mrs Burge