Friday, 22 June 2018

Musical Performances

On the last day of Arts Week, Room 10 worked in groups to create a short musical item, using instruments and body percussion. We had been enjoying exploring music throughout the week, so thought bringing our work all together to perform in front of our peers was a great way to wrap up the week!

We were given a time period in which to share our ideas with each other and practise our item, before presenting to the class. We used instruments such as tamborines, triangles, drums and maracas. We also used our bodies to add interesting detail to our performances, by clapping, stomping and clicking.

Performing our musical items to the class was a great way to reinforce our Arts Week learning, and to work collaboratively to produce a unique item.

From Room 10

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Room 10 Arts Week

During Arts Week this term, we have so far spent time with Mrs Grant practising our drama skills. We took part in freeze frames - you are told what positions to be in and then the lights come on and you have to freeze! It was really fun because we got to act like the things we like.

We also had music with Mr Haywood. We practised using our body to make different sound patterns in groups. This is called body percussion.

As a class, we are working on recreating 'A Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. We have been using tutorials to help us draft our version of this famous painting, before we use crayons and water

colour to add the finishing touch to our creation. Our artwork may not look exactly like his, but we have given it a good go to show our appreciation of his painting.We have also been making leaf art, by using different shaped leaves as sponges to create patterns on coloured paper.

We look forward to sharing our creations with you!

Love Room 10

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Harold Meets Room 10

Last week, Room 10 visited Harold. He is a giraffe from the Life Education Trust and he came to talk to us about being kind to our friends.

We played some games to help us learn how to be a better friend. We played a puzzle that showed us the qualities needed to be a good friend to others. We watched a video about Harold playing with his friends and gave him some advice about how to cheer up his friend Rabbit. Harold's friend Zebra was being a bit mean to him so we told Harold some things he could say to solve the problem.

We read Harold 2 stories we had written about him and then he blew us kisses that went up into the sky.

We liked the time with Harold because we learned lots and got cool activity packs at the end of our sessions.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Chinese Calligraphy

For the past 2 weeks, Room 10 has had a teacher come in before lunch to teach us some basic Mandarin.

She has taught us to count to 10 in Mandarin, and we learned a little song to make it easier to practise our counting. We learned how to ask and answer how old we are, and spent some time practising this with a partner.

This week, we had a go at writing numbers in Mandarin using calligraphy brushes and thin paper. Some of us found this tricky, because we needed to use only a little bit of paint and sometimes forgot to do this! Others remembered to use only a little bit, so their work turned out neater and easier to read.

It was fun to have a go at an activity we haven't done before and we hope our parents liked seeing our finished work that we brought home!

From Room 10.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Our Buddhist Temple Visit

This week, Room 10 had the privilege of visiting the Buddhist Temple in Flat Bush. We traveled by bus and were in a group with an adult and our friends.

When we got there, we took part in several different activities that all helped us to learn and understand the 3 G's. These are:

1. Do Good Deeds
2. Say Good Words
3. Think Good Thoughts

We know these well now parents, so feel free to ask us what they mean! They are a good thing for us to remember at school and in our own lives. We also made a paper lotus flower, practised washing the Buddha, learned about the Temple's bell, and took turns wishing on the Temple's wishing bell. We wonder if our wishes will come true?

We also enjoyed eating cookies for afternoon tea and getting really cool tattoos put on our hands. The police also visited us to talk to us about making good choices in our communities.

We were all very tired on the bus trip back to school, but were very happy to have had such a unique experience!
Learning about the history of Buddha

A visit from the local police officer

Things to remember!

Learning about the Temple wishing bell
Learning how to wash 

The Temple bell is 3,000 kg!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Room 10 Meets Laura and Kai

Yesterday, Room 10 went to see Laura and her dog Kai in the school hall.

Laura had come to speak to us about being safe around dogs and why it is important to treat dogs kindly. 
Laura explaining how we keep safe around dogs

We learned how to act around dogs we don't know well

We learned that dogs need food, water, exercise, toys to play with and sleep. Laura taught us that if we see a dog we want to pat, we need to ask the owner first. If the owner says yes, we should pat the dog on the back or on their sides. If the owner says no, we say thank you and walk away quietly.

If a dog runs at you, you should stand like a tree so the dog doesn't jump on you. Everyone in Room 10 had a go at being a tree, while Kai walked around us. We then lined up to meet Kai and give him a pat on the back or on his sides.

Kai also showed us the tricks he can do! He can jump, bow, shake paws, bark when asked, sit, lie down, chase his tail and wait to eat his food - which was very hard for him! Room 10 thinks that Kai should learn to do press ups, do a backflip and learn how to DJ next.

We all got the chance to meet Kai and give him a pat

Ashton's favourite part was when Kai walked around him. Olivia J liked patting Kai. Cooper enjoyed saying hi to Kai. Conner loved when Kai gave him a big sloppy kiss at the end of our lesson.

Room 10 had lots of fun meeting Laura and Kai, and we learned lots about how important it is to stay safe around dogs.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Bruno's Beautiful Adventures

 On Friday, we took our class teddy bear for a walk around different parts of the school. It was a sunny day so we enjoyed showing him around!

Cooper is ready to show Bruno how we walk in Room 10
Our class bear's name is Bruno Oscar Bear, and he has the special job of going home with a child from Room 10 every Friday to spend the weekend with them and their family. He likes to watch YouTube videos, eat honey and go to the park. Bruno also only likes going home on Friday with a child who has done great learning during the week and shown beautiful Sunnyhills manners and manaakitanga to their friends and teachers.

When Bruno spends the weekend with a different friend, he brings a diary with him. In the diary, he would love for his friend to write about or draw and take pictures of all the adventures they've had that weekend - even if it's just a supermarket visit!

Showing Bruno how we walk sensibly
We took Bruno to the boat playground and the junior playground to show him how to play nicely, and we showed him how quietly and sensibly we walk around Sunnyhills School. We reminded Bruno to care for his friends and use his manners.

It was a lot of information for Bruno to remember, but he seemed to enjoy his walk in the sunshine! He's looking forward to taking turns with different children and experiencing the weekend with their family from Friday before coming back to school on the following Monday.

Room 10 and Bruno Oscar Bear xx

Bruno enjoyed the flying fox

Enjoying the field with Bruno

Meet Bruno Oscar Bear