Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Magical Maths in Room 10

In Room 10, we like to work hard on our maths. We like when our learning is tricky because that helps us to become better. We use lots of materials to help our counting, ordering, skip counting and doubling and halving. Our I Can sheets we use in class and in our home learning books help us to know what we can already do and what we are now working on.

We use whiteboards, iPads, photos and our big maths books to record our thinking and spend a lot of time talking to other children in our group about what we are learning and how we got to an answer. We also like to look at simple word problems that need us to solve them. This helps our reading and comprehension too!

This group has been practising their skip counting using different coloured multi link cubes

This group has been working on their addition and subtraction, using teddy bears, counters and number lines

This group has been working on placing an equal number of beans (we pretended they were sharks!) into containers (oceans!)

In Room 10, we also have been looking at how long it takes to complete an activity to learn about duration. We are learning when school starts and finishes, and the order in which we complete our daily learning. To help at home, you could talk to us about the times and order we have dinner, do our reading and go to bed - or anything else we may do after school! This is a great holiday activity for us too, a daily diary showing what we do and when we do it.

From Room 10 xx

This group has been working on showing numbers before, after and in between using hundreds squares and boards


  1. What wonderful mathematicians you are Room 10. Keep up the hard work. You are super stars!

  2. It's a great explanation about how maths happens in Room 10. You are so lucky investigating maths concepts in a variety of ways. This will really help you learn! Keep up the great learning Room 10!

  3. I bet that they are getting smarter and smarter each day when they do maths

  4. What a fantastic way to learn about Maths. Maybe the Room 10 children could come and teach in Room 9 some time?
    From Mrs Burge

  5. Wow! What a good way to learn some awesome maths. Using little sharks to learn how to put thing into equal groups. Good job Room 10!

  6. Well done room 10! It looks like you have been working very hard. Keep up the great work!